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Videophone Touch SV1TP


Skype-Enabled Touch Screen Videophone with USB Photo Frame

ASUS introduced a new way for businesses to keep in touch with the introduction of the Videophone Touch SV1T, the world’s first Skype-enabled touch screen videophone. The new SV1TP now features a one-touch voice dialing function, and a USB plug-and-play photo frame feature for easy photo viewing. Similar to the previous generation, the new Videophone Touch allows users to make free video and voice calls around the world over Skype™, the largest, fastest growing Internet-based calling service. Users can make free calls, conference calls, and video calls without setting up multiple costly solutions or paying any license fees

Energy/Environmental Standards

EPA Energy Star Compliant
EPEAT Compliant

Hassle-Free Connection and Calls
With the Videophone Touch, business professionals can quickly video conference with associates in or outside of the office without having to start up their computers. The videophone supports both a wireless and wired solution, which allows users some roaming ability. Additionally, the videophone does not need to attach to a wall socket or a PC when used, avoiding messy cables. The Videophone Touch’s ergonomic design allows users to adjust the screen viewing angle to suit their viewing position.

Lowers the Cost of Doing Business
The Skype enabled videophone supports Skype to Skype calls (Video and Voice), SkypeIn, SkypeOut, Voicemail,  and Conference guest. Business users can connect via Skype to Skype calls made from the Videophone Touch to land line and unlimited land line calls around the world at great low rates, potentially saving companies hundreds of dollars per month.  Calls are also highly secure with end-to-end encryption without the need for a firewall, router or any other networking gear. 

One-Touch Voice Dialing
The videophone features a large, 7 inch, intuitive touch-based user interface with large icons for users to drag and input along with a full-screen menu. A quick search contact list allows users to easily flip through their Skype contact list to make calls. For increased user convenience, the Videophone Touch features One-Touch Voice Dialing, which allows users to conduct hands-free dialing. Instead of dialing a number, users need only to say a name and the phone will automatically dial the associated number. Voice Tag enhances the precision of the phone’s speech recognition.

USB Plug-and-Play Photo Frame
By simply plugging in the USB memory stick with image files, users can conveniently view a photo series on the videophone. The videophone supports photos in jpg, bmp, gif, and png formats.

Enhanced Audio and Visual Quality
The Videophone Touch SV1TP features unique Echo Cancellation Technology for enhanced voice quality and the elimination of background noise during calls. The Echo Cancellation Technology has passed Skype audio lab certification and can reach a much better voice quality than a notebook or PC. The built-in web camera featured on the Videophone Touch comes equipped with a high quality video sensor to operate much better than other camera solutions under low light environments, delivering exceptional visual quality to users.

Business:  First and foremost, the Videophone Touch SV1TP can save businesses money every month, especially those doing extensive overseas calling, while providing the element of video. Face to face communication makes people far away seem close, and opens up new ways to convey information. The videophone provides business users a hassle-free, convenient, and affordable way to stay connected. With the Videophone Touch, users do not have to deal with messy cables, nor do they have to set up their PC to make calls. The phone is able to support both a wireless and wired solution, so users have flexibility with regards to where they want to conduct the video call. With the Videophone Touch’s One Touch Voice Dialing, it is even easier to make video calls. By simply speaking the recipient’s name, the phone will dial the associated number.

Warranty and Services

1 Year North America Warranty
Two way free standard shipping
24/7 US-based support


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