ASUS offers an award-winning lineup of notebooks with the reliability, coverage, and corporate-friendly features demanded by institutions. From thin and lights with up to 12 hours of battery life for business travelers to desktop replacements for the office, ASUS has an excellent solution to fit your needs, with ASUS features like all day computing, GraphiX Boost switchable graphics, Tubo33 CPU overclocking, and palm rests that stay below body temperature. Many of the models are EPEAT certified. ASUS notebooks also offer the BEST complimentary coverage in the industry including an accidental damage warranty, saving our customers hundreds of dollars on every notebook. ASUS notebooks and netbooks are rated #1 for reliability for Windows-based notebooks and netbooks by PC World and RESCUECOM.


ASUS rethinks the tablet with a range of devices that deliver mobility, convenience and productivity. Each tablet features innovations like docking support, integrated keyboards, or full power processors that allow them to do what competing tablets simply can’t. Users can choose between Android™ and Windows® 7 platforms, the latest processors from NVIDIA® and Intel®, and a range of creative form factors.

Mini Notebook

ASUS Mini Notebooks blend mobility, functionality, and affordability, making them a great fit for mobile lifestyles. Despite its small size, the notebook packs full features, which include rich SonicMaster audio, 2-second Instant on, ASUS WebStorage cloud storage, as well as the beautiful, fast, and fluid Windows 8. Learn More

Nettop PCs

EeeBoxe PCs are ideal for the education space, thanks to ease of use, low cost and high reliability. They support a wide range of activities for students, including art, music creation, movie making, office applications and image editing — allowing them to create, communicate and collaborate in a user-friendly way. These nettop PCs also serve as quiet, green, and cost effective solutions for a variety of corporate needs, from thin client applications to digital signage to standard office computing. EeeBox PCs are also EPEAT-certified, a requirement by a growing number of corporate institutions.

All-in-One PCs

The perfect point of purchase PCs, ASUS All-in-One PCs fit the retail space while also being able to adapt to many other scenarios from government chamber rooms to hotel lobbies. Built with outstanding quality and reliability, these PCs are designed to be the slim, simple solution that you can trust day in and day out.

LCD Monitors

ASUS offers a range of LCD monitors to fit any need. Users can expect consistently clear, brilliant visuals thanks to Splendid™ Video Intelligence Technology, making colors richer and more vivid. These monitors can easily be paired with a wide range of other ASUS products that are designed to work flawlessly together. An ASUS monitor can connect to an ASUS notebook, ASUS Eee PC or ASUS video card, and may be networked to other ASUS products through an ASUS wireless router. Well-built and elegant, they will add style to any office. Several ASUS LCD monitors with screen sizes ranging from 17 to 27 inches have been EPEAT Gold certified, attaining the highest environmental rating possible. EPEAT certification is becoming an increasingly important factor in corporate, academic, and government purchases, making these products the edge you need to win bids. All ASUS LCD monitors are covered by a 3 year system warranty and a 3 year panel warranty.


Featuring a host of intuitive features, the ASUS projector makes having a professional, on-the-spot presentation easier than ever.


Expand the capabilities or improve the performance of your PC with our selection of peripherals and accessories.


ASUS offers a broad range of useful peripherals for our commercial product lineup, including matching bags, sleeves, batteries, headsets, and keyboards and mice. Also available is the CrossLink PC to PC cable.


Think of Essentio desktop PCs as the workhorses of the computer world, delivering performance, quality, productivity, efficiency, and impressive audio support. Featuring the latest Intel® Core™ and AMD processors on the world's #1 motherboard brand, ASUS desktop PCs deliver uncompromising processing power. Combined with energy-efficient components, a wide assortment of ports, and productivity software, these PCs redefine versatility. In short, it does it all, helping you to do more.